Premade Fans / Promade Fans FAQs

Premade fans are lash volume fans that have already been created by a lash supplier and placed into a tray ready to pick up and use. They are applied to the natural lash in the same way you do with a classic lash.

Just like handmade Russian volume fans, premade lashes come in different styles from 3D – 10D, in very fine 0.03mm to 0.10mm diameters.

Our premade fans are ultra-light in comparison to classic lashes (0.10mm to 0.20mm), therefore, they can yield a voluminous look with a decreased probability of damage to your clients’ natural lashes. All you need to do (as the artist) is to select the right lash weight.

Premade fans are very easy to use even by beginner lash artists who are not trained in volume technique. They help speed up the application time which enables you to get more clients per day and thus generate more income.

You can create a soft and fluffy effect using our 3D lashes (0.07mm) for clients who want a naturally voluminous look while filling gaps between their natural lashes. Use 5D lashes (0.07mm) or 3D (0.10mm) for clients with strong natural lashes in need of a fuller and more dramatic look; and 10D premade fans (0.05 mm) and above for the densest look like in a mega volume set.

You can also create an amazing hybrid set by mixing 50% of Instant Volume™ and 50% of classic lashes or flat lashes to yield a defined and voluminous look. 

Our 3D lash tray holds 640 fans, 4D volume fans and above trays 320 fans or 440 fans.

Our Premade fans XL Tray holds up to 3.7 times more fans compared to a standard 12-lined tray by other brands; all while being super affordable for all lash artists!

You will require 70 to 80 fans per eye to create a full set. That is equivalent to 140 to 160 fans per client.

With our 3D lash tray holding 640 fans, you can service around 4 clients. With a 5D volume lash tray containing up to 440 fans, you can serve approximately 3 clients.

Pro Tip: With a hybrid set (that's a mix of volume and classic lashes), you can serve 2x the number of clients, which makes the cost per client super affordable. 

Our long stem premade fans have a long base and create a dramatic and dense look that creates a black eyeliner effect. Just like the classics lashes, they are easier to apply making them the best option for beginners or artists who have never used premade lashes before.

On the other hand, short stem premade fans have a shorter and pointy base with a wider appearance. They result in a softer, fluffier look – similar to a handmade Russian volume fan. They are best for filling gaps in sparse natural lashes.

Lastly, the Mid-Stem premade fans are the newest addition. They are perfect if you're looking for something in between long and short stem fans and they have super pointy and slightly longer base which makes application easier while maximising retention.

When done correctly, no! However, you must learn to correctly calculate the volume lash weights or risk overloading your client’s natural lashes. 

A common misconception that lash artists have is that 0.15mm classic lashes weigh the same as 3D 0.05mm volume lashes. One thing you need to understand is, weight and diameter are two different concepts. 

Our Safe Lashing Guide will help you understand how to measure the correct weight according to each diameter and number of lashes.

For example, a natural lash that can hold 1 x 0.15 classic can also handle 2D x 0.10, 4D x 0.07 or 9D x 0.05.

Either option is fine. It comes down to your preference. However, if a client has very curly lashes, attaching from the bottom will be a better option.

Pro tip: Ensure the very bottom base is attached correctly without any gaps to achieve better lash retention.

It depends on what you want to achieve!

C curl lash extension provides a moderate amount of curling and is the most common and widely used curl. It offers better retention compared to D curls because of its relatively large contact surface for adhesive. They are in-demand with both young and middle-aged clients. 

On the other hand, D curl is a more dramatic, harsh upward curl; this is normally used to create the illusion of a bigger doll eye. They are especially great for downward-facing lashes.

Yes! Our lashes are 100% cruelty-free. And they are made of the highest quality material in the market. (Korean PBT)

First, when applying, make sure to isolate each natural lash correctly. Don't attach a fan to multiple lashes as that could lead to permanent lash damage.

Two, do not overuse lash adhesives especially for higher Ds like 10D fans. (A little amount of glue will be enough as long as you attach the base correctly). Try holding a fan for a few extra seconds during isolation to make it completely dry. This will prevent lashes from sticking onto each other.

Our Mid-Stem Premade Fans have the middle of the fans attached to the glue strip. So it could be a little tricky to pick up at first. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be all set:⁣

1. Softly grab the base of the fan, then peel up and away. DO NOT pull the lash from the tip as it may break or ruin the fan.⁣

2. Then place it down on the strip and change your hand position to pick it up again.

3. Dip only the botton 2mm of the fan in glue and apply carefully on the natural lash. 

Premade fans are made of a synthetic material called PBT. PBT (or Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a type of polyester used in a range of products including toothbrushes, sports and swim wear, and—of course—false lashes. Most "mink" or "silk" lashes in the market are also actually made of PBT. They are just labelled as Mink or Silk to distinguish the difference in appearance such as tapering at the end, texture and finish.

Our premade fans are made of Korean PBT which is the highest quality material to create a full, defined volume look while offering a very natural, lightweight finish.

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