Coloured Lash Extensions

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      Add some pizzazz to your lash sets with our coloured premade fans! 💗💙 Now available in 3D and 5D, these pink, blue, and neon coloured lashes will make your lash sets stand out from the crowd! Perfect for special occasions like parties, holidays or festivals, these coloured lashes can be used to create a full set or just add a few fans for a unique touch.

      Our coloured premade fans are available in mixed trays (8-15mm) in C and D curl, and are easy to work with, saving you time during appointments.

      Pro tip: we recommend using our clear adhesive for these coloured lashes to achieve a clean, professional look.

      We offer a huge range of lash trays, so you can easily create amazing volume sets in no time. Check out our entire range of premade fans here.