Safe Lashing Guide

Do you currently use premade fans like the 5D 0.10 or even the 10D 0.07? 😱 If so, have you noticed any of your clients’ lashes looking weaker and weaker each time they come back for infill?

If that’s the case, the lashes you are using are way too heavy and might be damaging your clients’ natural lashes!

We understand how stunning the full mega volume set looks. However, as professional lash technicians, we take responsibility in taking care of clients’ natural lashes. Ultimately, it's for our own sake, if clients are happy and maintain their lash health, they are more likely to return and become a regular clients! 😊

If you're not volume trained yet, you may not be sure of what ‘safe’ lashes are. As a lash technician, it is very important that you understand how the volume lash weights are calculated.

A common misconception that lash artists have is that 0.15mm classic lashes weigh the same as 3D 0.05mm volume lashes. One thing you need to understand is, weight and diameter are two different concepts. 

Our Lash volume weight chart above will help you better understand how to measure the correct weight according to each diameter and number of lashes. For example, a natural lash that can hold 1 x 0.15 classic can also handle 2D x 0.10, 4D x 0.07 or 9D x 0.05.

Normally, classic 0.18 or above such as 0.20 or 0.25 are considered to be too heavy even for clients with strong natural lashes.

eyelash extensions weak average strong lashes example sample

Weak NL – can support up to 0.12mm

Average NL – can support up to 0.15mm

Strong NL – can support up to 0.18mm


At Lash Jungle, we have a wide range of pre-made fans you can choose from and stock on to create so many different styles - from Hybrid, Natural Volume, to Mega Volume set. Use our 3D/5D/8D/10D or 15D premade lashes to cater to each of your client’s individual preference without compromising their lash health.

We highly recommend you using at least two different dimensions to cover “Agagen” (baby) lashes and “Catagen” or “Telogen” lashes.


Diameter (mm)


Weight similar to (Classic)

Client’s natural lashes



Soft & fluffy volume


Any - including fine lashes



Moderate volume with definition


Strong lashes only



Moderate volume


Strong lashes only



Full volume


Average or Strong



Mega volume


Strong lashes only



Mega volume


Average or strong


Please feel free to contact our support team anytime if you need further guidance or may have any questions on our products.💕

Happy lashing, lash bosses!

Lash Jungle Team xx