Long Stem Premade Volume Fans


      Long Stem Premade Fans

      Our Instant Volume™ Long Stem Premade Fans have a long base which give you a dramatic and dense look that creates a black eyeliner effect. Just like the classic lash application, they are easier to apply making them the best option for beginners who have never used premade lashes before.

      Our Long Stem Premade Fans are available in 3D, 4D5D, 6D & 8D and come in single length 8mm to 15mm & mixed length trays. You can choose from C & D curls and 0.07 & 0.10mm diameter to best suit your clients’ preference. 

      What's the difference between short stem and long stem lashes?

      Long stem premade fans are perfect for beginners. They are easier to use and forgiving when it comes to isolation and placement. The longer stem allows for more room to grip the fan, making it easier to attach to the natural lashes. This type of fan creates a dramatic and dense look, perfect for clients looking for a black eyeliner effect, especially if your clients have a lot of natural lashes.

      On the other hand, short stem premade fans have a shorter and pointier base with a wider appearance. They are slightly harder to use if you're a beginner, but they create a more naturally fuller look. They are ideal for filling gaps in sparse natural lashes and result in a softer, fluffier look, like that of handmade Russian volume fans.

      Choose 0.07 if you want a set that is lightweight to create a natural volume look. This can be used for any natural lash type. Or, opt for 0.10mm diameter lashes to achieve more definition and eye-catching thickness which is highly recommended for clients with strong natural lashes. Easily create different styles from Hybrid to Natural Volume Set.

      Note that our Long Stem Premade Volume Fans come in XL-sized trays which hold 2.6x MORE FANS than other brands in the market. Shop today!