8D Premade Volume Fans


      Create a full and voluminous look with our Instant Volume™ 8D Premade Fans!

      Taking too long to create each individual even 8D fan? Why not create a full and voluminous look with our 8D Premade fans! And why not jazz it up with some 9D Wispy in the set!?
      Our 8D lashes are perfect for all clients that have average to strong natural lashes, they are able to hold an 8D fan for a fuller more dramatic style. 
      If you haven’t already, you’ve got to try our 9D wispy lashes. Perfect for the Kim K wispy style, or get creative and create something new with them!

      Want the big, dramatic, voluminous mega lashes? Head to our 10D, 12D or even 14D lashes to see our range there.