Premade Fans Sampler

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Espresso Brown Lashes

As one of the world’s leading lash brands, backed by over 8,000 5-star reviews, we offer a wide range of professional lash supplies. Our team at Lash Jungle is committed to providing the best quality eyelash extension products at the most affordable prices to lash artists. Shop now and join 50,000+ happy customers!

Promade Volume Fans

Easily create amazing volume lash sets!

Get 8x more lash fans with our XXL tray

▪ Easy application — Lash fans don't fall apart

▪ Great for both beginner and advanced lash artists

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Trusted by 50,000+ lash professionals


4D Premade Volume Fans

So fluffy and such a full effect on everyone’s eyes!

Serena B
Happy Valley

10D Short Stem Premade Fans

Absolutely favourite premade lashes,
so dark and fluffy!

Amy A

Rapid Adhesive
Best lash glue I’ve ever used.. highly recommend 🤍

Allie K

10D Promade Fans
Absolutely obsessed with these lashes. They're so easy and convenient to use.
Highly recommend.

Chloe B
Valley View

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