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These lashes are a must have! They are so easy to use and give the most beautiful results!!


My favourite volume lashes ever! All my clients LOVE them and so do I 😍 So easy to work with and give beautiful, dark and fluffy results!

8D Premade Volume Fans Ultra Dark Short Stem
Jasmine Sinclair (Shepparton)

By far my favourite lashes to use, 8D Ultra dark short stem lashes are loved by my clients!! As a lash tech who has been using them for over 2 years they never fail to disappoint 😍 Dark, Full and fluffy 🫶🏼

My All Time Favourites!

Since day one of opening my business, I have always used the 3D Ultra Dark Short Stems. I love how easy they are to work with & I can always guarantee they will create a perfect set every single time. These lashes will forever be my all time favourites!

5D Hybrid short stems!

These lashes were so fun to work with! Creating a hybrid look without the fuss of going back and forth between classic and volume fans! These are a game changer 👌🏽

3D Ultra Dark Long Stems👌🏽

Wow! These lashes are gorgeous! The bases so dark and long, and the fans hold together so well, I didn’t have any issues picking them up before placing them onto the natural lashes. 10/10 highly recommend for those perfectly full and fluffy light volume sets 😍


The best saddle stool I’ve owned!!
I cannot get over how comfortable this stool is 😍
The seat is nice and wide, I use the saddle stool for hours at a time and it’s helped so much with my posture. I purchased the tan stool, the colour is gorgeous, and the remainder of the stool is matte black, legs of the stool are metal and the wheels are nice and smooth to roll around on.
I highly recommend purchasing one! 🤍

Best pre-made fans

The best 4D pre-made fans!! They are so soft and dark -easy to apply and the best retention. I only use 4D fans for my light volume sets ❤️


10D’s give me full, fluffy coverage and my clients love the ultra dark

D curl Lash bundle

AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!! I absolutely love these lashes they are so freakin good! Best quality lashes ever stick so perfectly in the natural lashes I am obsessed!

Pointy stem premade bundle

These products are unbelievable and such good value for money, I personally don’t like working with anything other then pointy stem I feel it’s easier to apply and gives a cleaner finish. I definitely recommend these products

Volume lashes

Highly recommend Lash Jungle! I have been using 0.07 handmade volume lashes for quite some time now they are one of the best on the market! you won’t regret and your clients will be obsessed. Amazing quality ❤️❤️

Love the coloured lashes !

Love the coloured lashes they were so easy to work with and came out so good !

So sticky It’s perfect

Love this pad has helped so much with my loose fans

Fav glue

Most fav out of all the glues I’ve tried


I’m in love with these pro mades they look amazing 🤩

Literally the best!

Bought the macro lens a few weeks ago and finally got around to using it! O.M.G!! Obsessed.
Took a little practice to get my photos to look how I wanted but I cannot wait to continue to use it! Will definitely purchase another one in the future!!

Ergonomic Lash Pillow
Kelly Miller (Melbourne)
Super comfortable!!!

My clients said they have the best lash naps with this pillow! It’s so comfy and high quality ☁️

The best lash stool

I recently got this chair, and I must say, it's quite impressive. The cushion is larger and more comfortable than I expected, making it perfect for long hours of sitting while lashing. The wheels are smooth and sturdy, which is great for moving around.

obsessed 🤍

I can not fault these lashes, my absolute go too, I won’t use anything else!

Loving how these mega volumes turned out using 10D - 10mm- 15mm 🥰

So beautiful

Very happy, vibrant colours and last well


Absolutely love the short stem ultra dark lashes, always of great quality and are so easy to work with to create perfect sets 🫶🏾

Very happy

The most perfect fans to create wisps 🤌🏽 highly recommend

4D review

I love 4D promades for my light volume and hybrid sets. They are beautiful. Amazing results

Best you’ll find

I bought a few of these for my clients and they absolutely love the fact that you can use a serum to grow & strengthen your natural lashes whilst having extensions talk about the best of both worlds ♥️🤌🏻