About Us

Lash Jungle Pro

Welcome to Lash Jungle PRO 
Hi, I'm Hailey – the heart behind Lash Jungle PRO. Our story isn't just about lash supplies; it's about a commitment to excellence that started in my own small Melbourne apartment. When I couldn't find the quality I needed, Lash Jungle PRO was born. 

What Drives Us 
We live by one rule: integrity. To us, that means providing top-notch lash supplies without the unnecessary extras. We focus on what truly matters – helping you deliver stunning results for your clients. Your success defines ours, and we're here to support you every step of the way. 

Our Roots 
Building this brand from the ground up, I wore every hat possible. It was through this hands-on experience that I connected with the needs of lash artists. That understanding is woven into every product we create and every piece of advice we share. 

The Lash Jungle PRO Difference 
Crafted by a lash artist for lash artists. Having been where you are, we understand the value of reliable supplies. We've grown to become Australia's largest lash supplier, proudly serving over 40,000 lash professionals worldwide. With over 7,000 five-star reviews on our website, we've earned the trust of a vast community.

Celebrating Your Growth 
Nothing brings us more joy than seeing you thrive. From those of you who have turned small spaces into bustling salons, we're honoured to be part of your story. 

Empowering Our Team 
As a female-led company, empowerment is at our core. We celebrate the strength of our team, many of whom are multitasking mums, proving every day that anything is possible with the right support.

Always Innovating 
We're on a mission to be your ultimate lash supply destination. We're constantly refining our range, listening to your feedback, and bringing you the innovations that make lashing a breeze. 

Simplicity and Excellence 
We promise to keep it simple. No jargon, no complexity, just the best products and the support you deserve. 

Join us on this journey of beauty and growth. Here’s to all the incredible sets we'll create together! 

With love,
Founder of Lash Jungle PRO