Premade Lash Fans USA

The Newest Generation of Promade Fans Is Here!

Explore Lash Jungle PRO's extensive selection of Premade and Promade Fans. Achieve faster, easier volume lashes like never before.

We have a huge variety of premade volume lashes to help you easily create so many different styles - from Hybrid set, Natural Volume set to Mega Volume set, we have them all for you!

  • We have 3D, 5D, 8D, 10D, 14D in C and D curl - from mixed tray premade lash fans to single length trays from 8mm to 15mm. We also offer different diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.10mm to suit your client’s natural lash!
  • All our premade lash trays come in XL size and hold 2.6x MORE FANS than other brands in the market. Price is almost the same, which makes it super affordable for all lash technicians where the cost per client is only $6!
  • All our premade fans are made of highest quality material (Korean PBT) and are extremely lightweight, giving your clients a natural looking full-volume look.
  • Our pre-fanned volume lashes are specially designed to be super easy to work with – even for beginner lash artists who have still yet to learn the volume lashing technique.

Cut down your lashing time significantly and increase your income with our premade lash fans. Shop our professional range of lash supplies today.

Premade Fans FAQs

With Premade fans, all of your lashes come fanned and laid down on a strip, which has already been perfectly prepared for you by your lash supplier. All you need to do is pick up a lash fan, dip it into glue, then apply it to your client’s natural lashes. This is exactly the same process that you would use to apply classic lashes. With premade volume fans, you can easily create different styles, from hybrid and light volume lashes (best with 3D fans or 5D fans) to mega volume sets (10D volume fans and above), without having to learn handmade volume techniques.

Promade fans are the newer generation of premade fans. Compared to Premade fans, promade fans are wider in appearance, have a thinner base and semi-shiny finish, and create a more natural, fluffier volume

However, premade fans are still very popular among lash artists who prefer a stronger curl, matte finish, and ultra-dark black colour. They also create a darker, fuller, more dramatic look.

Read our blog to find out more about the differences between premade and promade fans.

Making your own volume fans offers many benefits, including better retention and increased customisation. However, by using premade fans, you can create volume lash sets without having to learn Russian volume techniques, whilst dramatically reducing your lash application time.

Find out more by reading our blog here.

At Lash Jungle, we stock a huge range of premade fans. For a natural and light volume look, choose from 3D to 5D 0.07 lashes.
For fuller volume sets, opt for 6D, 8D, or 10D. These result in a very full look that still looks soft and fluffy.
For those clients who want a dramatic effect, create mega volume sets with 10D – 14D lashes. Learn more about each type by reading our lash diameter guide.

Our long stem premade fans have a long base, and create a dramatic and dense black eyeliner effect. Just like the classic lashes, they are easier to apply, making them the best option for beginners or artists who have never used premade lashes before.

On the other hand, short stem premade fans have a shorter and pointy base with a wider appearance. They result in a softer, fluffier look, similar to a handmade Russian volume fan. They are best for filling gaps in sparse natural lashes.

Lastly, the pointy stem premade fans are our newest addition. They are perfect if you're looking for something in between long and short stem fans. They have super pointy and slightly longer base, which makes application easier whilst maximising retention.

  • They are great for clients who:

- Do not have the time to spend 2-3 hours on an eyelash extension appointment
- Have a bad back, are pregnant, or have another medical condition that mans they cannot lie down for a long time

  • They’re also great for lash artists who:

- Are not trained in Russian volume lashes yet, but want to offer volume lashes to their clients
- Are trained in Russian volume lashes, but find these take too long during lash application
- Want to have perfect symmetrical fans and clean results
- Want to cut down their lashing time
- Want to attract more clients and increase their income
- Want to create different lash looks, ranging from hybrid to mega volume
- Want to offer more luxurious services, and be able to charge more per client

No. A common myth is that premade fans harm natural lashes. In reality, the health of your natural lashes depends primarily on the weight of the extensions used and whether the lash artist correctly assesses the health of each natural lash. Additionally, the lash technician must isolate each lash perfectly, ensuring they don’t stick together. Premade fans can be as safe as handmade fans if applied correctly and if the lash artist ensures the weight and length are suitable for the client's natural lashes. We recommend checking out our safe lashing guide.

Some believe premade fans look too fake or plasticky, resulting in an unnatural appearance and discomfort. However, this largely depends on the quality of the PBT material used in creating the fans. With a variety of materials available for eyelash extensions, low-quality ones may appear hard, stiff, and heavy. It’s important to choose premade fans from reputable brands with ample product reviews.

The retention of eyelash extensions, whether premade or handmade lashes, largely depends on the quality of the lash adhesive, the skills of the lash technician, and proper lash aftercare. When applied correctly and without overloading the natural lash, premade fans can last as long as handmade volume fans. Read our blog for tips on how to maximise lash retention.

Some argue that premade fans offer less customisation than handmade fans. While it was once true, it's not anymore. Handmade fans do provide infinite customisation, but now, premade fans come in a vast variety of dimensions from 3D lashes to 14D lashes, curls, fan widths, wispy and spike lashes, and even coloured lashes. The sky's the limit! They can be mixed and matched to create a tailored look for each client. It’s important to consult with your client to find out which lash style suits them best.

No. It's a misconception that premade fans are exclusively for beginners or those not skilled enough to make their own fans. In fact, many experienced lash artists use premade fans to save time or achieve a consistent look that may be challenging to replicate by hand.